Some friends/projects/interests of mine:
Kennedy Center–Millennium Stage–where I performed with the Olivarez Trio on July 18, 2016
Lua–‘Mexilachian’ band fusing many musical worlds together
Ramblin’ Dave Kulund–Kids songs for adults and vice versa
Michael Clem–as hilarious as he is heart-warming–my friend and mentor Dale Wise
The Leg Warmers, the ultimate 80’s band!

Jolie Fille
Devon Sproule’s website –I’m on the songs
‘Keep Your Silver Shined’ and ‘Let’s Go Out’
Ellis Paul’s website –I’m on the song ‘Dragonfly’ & toured with Ellis and Sugar land
Danny Schmidt’s site–I play on Danny’s album ‘Little Grey Sheep’
Laura Cortese–I wrote and played on this fine Boston fiddler’s album
The Hill and Wood--album out now
Ned Oldham–and I form the band Old Calf–new album ‘Borrow a Horse’ out now!–available from and–visit No Quarter Records here or our website here
Chris Leva–I play on Chris’ indescribably beautiful new album ‘A Place Nobody Knows’