Musette Moderna/Tango a’Tiempo

This album represents my attempt to bring some of my favorite tangos and musettes—popular song forms in the 1920’s and 30’s—into the present day by coloring them with modern arrangements and instrumentation. Many of the pieces I chose existed only on scratchy recordings from that era of the Victrola—my drummer and bassist gave them a strong, danceable beat. Two medleys are from well-known icons of the 1980’s, stylistically meshed to fit the overall mood. The album shows that great art never goes away, especially if it has a mad scientist to help revive it!

1. Flambé Montalbanaise—Viseur
2. The Last Waltz in Budapest—Kovac
3. Lauper Ear Off—Lauper/Hyman/Shear/Hazard
4. Sorciere—Dukas
5. Serenade (from Schwanengesang)—Schubert
6. Amelon Waltz—O’Connor
7. Gitanerias—Lacuona
8. Adios Nonino—Piazzolla
9. Retour de Hirondelles—Pagano
10. Bal de la Marine—Venturi
11. Por Una Cabesa—Gardel/La Pera
12. Swing Valse—Viseur
13. Valse in B Minor—Chopin
14. Tango a la Madge—Leonard/Steinberg/Kelly/Brown/Rans
15. Jeanette—Viseur
16. Un Pugno di Dollari—Morricone
17. Musette a’ Teresa—Daniels/Magraw
18. Solace—Joplin
19. Brise Napolitaine