Fleet of Fingers

This is a collection of instrumental tunes I mostly composed during a trip to Europe. I would wander around Berlin or Munich, stop at a stressed cafe, and just start writing on notation paper the sonic images I imagined from the goings-on of the strange yet familiar world around me. Charlistan is a mix of sounds from my adopted home town of Charlottesville, Virginia, mixed with an off-kilter 5/8 time signature from Eastern Europe. Soweter is my attempt to summon the joy and ‘clap-ability’ of South African street music. And Black Angels of the Sky is my attempt to write a spaghetti western style fiddle tune…on electric guitar. The motto of the album, as on my journeys, is ‘You never know what’s coming around the corner.’

1. Charlistan
2. Ode to Bruce
3. Vesperings
4. Mad Roumanian
5. April Is…
6. Soweter
7. Flutterby
8. This is to Father You
9. Skatah
10. Musengs
11. Black Angels of the Sky
12. Between Whitney and the Pale Moonlight
13. War: The New Peace