Less Traveled Christmas Songs

It’s always been my belief that some of the best offerings in life come from one choosing to go down the ‘less traveled path’—so wonderfully conjured in Robert Frosts’s beautiful poem. I stopped by these snowy, wooded songs, bearing my accordion, glockenspiel, guitar, and other assorted oddities, and attempted to carve out a path for these beautiful gems by composers both familiar and well-hidden.

1. Rustic Serenade to the Virgin Mary—Berlioz
2. Now Tell Us, Genle Mary/Christmas Carol from Anjou—Franck
3. Christmas Chimes/The Christmas Tree-Gade
4. Knecht Ruprecht—Schumann
5. Happiness at Christmas—Mendelssohn
6. The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol—Grainger
7. Noel/Swiss Noel—Daquin
8. The Shepherds at the Manger: In dull jubilee—Liszt
9. A Christmas Gift—Paine
10. A Rose Is Gently Blooming—Brahms
11. Children Playing Around the Christmas Tree/A Music Box Gift—Rebikov
12. Old Christmas Carol/Whence Comes this Rush of Wings—Franck